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I searched but did not see an answer to my question. I frequently receive updates to Apperture for RAW updates to various cameras that I do not own and will probably never own. Is there any way to turn off these RAW updates? It seems silly to overload my computer with data that is totally useless to me. If there is not, is there any easy way to reject these updates when they come out? Thanks.

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    It's not overloading the computer.  It's a single file that has details that Aperture needs to decode the RAW files.


    The updates come out roughly ever 3 months or so, it's not really overloading much ;-)

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    I appreciate the response. My question is still similar - even though it is a single file, how large is that file since it has all that camera data? I have never bothered to count, but I would guess there is data on 10 or so cameras with each update. And does this overwrite the previous file? I would think it would have to be added to, though I have not been able to find those files in Library, so I am not  sure how it works.


    I am pretty sold on Canon cameras. I have used Canon since the days of the A-1 film camera. With what I have invested in Canon lenses, I'm not likely to switch to Olympus or Nikon or any of those others. That's why I am not sure why I want data for all of those cameras that I will never use.

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    Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.08.03 .png


    But as William wrote you can't pull out individual cameras from the bundle, doesn;t work like that.

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    Thanks. So the average file size is about 5 meg (splitting the difference between the two bundles) every 3 months. In a year, that's 20 meg of useless files cluttering my hard drive. On a 500 gig hard drive, that's not much, but still....


    Thanks both of you for your help. I'll just keep deleting the RAW updates every time they come out.

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    If you don't need a particular update then you don;t have to install it. Some of them do at times address problems in earlier versions as well as introducing new cameras so you might miss something you could use.


    And all the updates get rolled into the OS whenever there is and OS update (usually)  anyway so....

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    No.  The "file size" is 5 MB.  That is for ALL supported cameras.  If 10 more cameras are added, it might go from 5 MB to 5.001 MB in size.