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I am trying to setup so I can recieve and send emails from my phone.  The mail server is through a company that does my website and I was receiving emails just fine with my old iphone 3 and now I am not retrieving any emails from this server.  I set everything up the same way, I even went into my mail which I set up with outlook and made all my old emails to an unread staus to see if that would work but nothing.  Yesterday I did send an email from my phone to my personal email and it went through.  I also replied to that email and I did get a incoming email on my phone.  Why cant I see any of my old emails I guess is the question?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Paul

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    Are you using an IMAP or POP account? If it is POP, it is possible the emails are no longer on the server depending on how that is set on the other devices (whether they leave downloaded emails on the server or not).

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    Using POP that is a good call I will need to check with my server.  I know I have them in outlook but if they are no long in my mail server then that could be why thanks.

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    Most likely. If I could make a suggestion, I have found that trying to maintain e-mail on multiple devices is far easier with an IMAP account than POP (currently using an iPad, iPhone and Laptop). I have three email accounts, one of which is POP, and I'm moving away from using it except for some very specific things.