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I would like to make a bulleted list in my video where each bullet fades in as the person says them in the video (it is not at a constant rate). So far the only way I've accomplished this is to stack 6 or 7 of the 'Fade' title generators on top of eachother and adjust the length of them to match the audio. It seems like there must be a better way to do this as this solution is quite combersum when trying to align all the bullets (wish there was a bullet format in the text formatting box) and it uses a lot of computing power to make adjustments on so many generators. Thanks.

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    I am sure there is a way to do this in FCP or Motion. However, what I do is to build my bulleted list in Keynote against a green background. Set up the Keynote presentation as 1920x1080.

    I then use it in FCP or iMovie as a greenscreen effect.


    After creating the bullets in Keynote, I export them as a QuickTIme Movie with a timed advance. I then import the QuickTime movie and edit it as I need it.


    Keynote has dozens of text effects and builds, including the fade that you need.


    Here is a quick and dirty sample.

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    This bullet point template for FCPX seems good - http://motion-master-templates.com/free-templates/bullet-points

    It requires Motion installed & I can't confirm it does what you want but seems pretty comprehensive.

    The upshot is, though, to get proper control over this sort of thing, you need Motion - or someone who creates a template in Motion for you.

    Or a completely different tool, like the answer above.