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I wanted to move my reference (original files) from a network RAID (readynas) to a new Drobo 5n, so I clicked on photos, selected all, and then used relocate originals.... Many times I got a message saying the original could not be found, while this made the process take days instead of hours, because Aperture would stop every time, and did not have an option to just skip that error if it came up again. I was not concerned with this message, because I know I had some missing masters. This only really seemed to happen for less than 100 images. The real issue, is now, when I try "show in finder", the location for the file has the network address doubled up...

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 8.08.11 AM.jpg


See how it says /Volumes/Drobo5N/drb125201a00085/1/media, then repeats the Drobo5N/drb125201a00085/1/media part? What is up with that, and how do I fix it?


Aperture can not find the originals now, because the network address is wrong, and this is the case for every image I have checked so far.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)