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my Share Monitor has trouble displaying the end of processings.


A few weeks ago everything worked fine. But it doesn't display the message anymore that a batch is successfully done. The progress bar and the remaining time are standing still (remaining time is mostly 3sec.) and the red number on the dock icon stays forever.


If a batch contains more than 1 job then it shows the message "Successful" for all jobs except for the last one in that batch. It stays on "Processing".


When that happens the Activitymonitor shows that the compressor processes are 0,0% CPU. The created files are fine. The protocol in Console.app doesn't show errors for this batch.


And the Share Monitor doesn't show completed batches.

Also, if I press the button "Refresh" then the batch disappears.



I've repaired permissions and volume, reseted background processes from within Compressor.app and finally I've reinstalled Compressor.

The latest updates for the system are installed.

Switching the firewall off doesn't help.


I've FileVault activated but that werent a problem before.



Any ideas?

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)