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Why does my IPOD show a cable with an arrow pointing to an ITUNES logo. It will not do anything when I connect it to my computer either.

iPod touch
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    I got it.I had to power up and hold the sleep button  and the the home button for about five to six seconds. It is now able to connect to itunes. I hope this will help others, since I had no clue!

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    I have tried this fix numerous times and continue to get the same cable and logo screen. In itunes it give me an option of restoring my phone, but I really don't want to do this. Any other suggestions?

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    I wish I could help. After I reset and was able to connect to the most recent version of ITUNES, (as of 2/15/13) the screen on the ipod went blank. There was an error message on my computer, (I do not remember the code) stating that an exception occurred! I then was not able to do anything but have the same cable and logo screen. I took it to - two ipod/phone shops nearby. One said for fifty dollars he could fix it. The other said twenty five dollars. As I left the store, the fifty dollar place offered me twenty to buy it from me, I declined work and declined selling it. He told the new software update for ITUNES should not be used on the third generation ipod and several iphones out there. I am in no hurry but I may see if this guy can really fix it. Good luck "j g m o"!