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Why can't I syncy my music to my iPad Mini? The cloud is not always available.

iPad Mini, iOS 6.1.1
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    Nobody here knows why you can't sync music unless you share some details as to what you have tried already?


    If you are syncing with iTunes on the Mini did you select the music to sync in the Music Tab of iTunes? Do you manage songs and videos manually?

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    I want to know why the software, iTunes, does not give me an option to sync music to my iPad Mini when I have the iPad Mini connected to my computer. It tells me the music is available in iCloud. I don't want to use iCloud, I want to use my computer.


    It gives me no option, in the place where I would expect the option, to sync music.


    Why not? This is terrible UI design.



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    Can you see the sidebar in iTunes? If not, do this.


    Launch iTunes and go to View>Show Sidebar from the menu at the top of the screen. Once you can see the sidebar, your iPad should show up under the devices heading and then you can click on the iPad name - then click on the music tab, check your settings, select the music that you want and then sync.


    Do you usually sync automatically? Most users auto sync (I do not auto sync) so I would assume that iTunes is not launching when you connect to the iPad. You can check that in the settings in iTunes. Go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices and make sure that the box at the bottom that says Prevent iPods ..... about auto syncing is unchecked if you want to autosync.

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    CountMercury wrote:


    This is terrible UI design.



    Or perhaps an uniformed user? Have a look here for some instructions on usiing iTunes: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/

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    @James: No, as a person experience UI, a bad UI is one that doesn't help me find what I need. Can you honestly say that not having the control where the feature is, but burying someplace, is helpful? I've read the instructions. Thanks for the ******** answer.


    @Demo: This gave me options, I was not aware of the side bar. Once I setup iTunes to have those features turned on, it now shows the option to sync music with the iPad the same it does with my iPhone. Thank you for the help.

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    CountMercury wrote:


    Thanks for the ******** answer.


    You're welcome. The answer fit the post.

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    I might have your answer, it worked for me.  Read on.


    I had a terrible time syncing my music to my iPad2.  It worked great until iTunes 11 and maybe iOS6.0,  Some music/songs would sync fine, but most would not.  It worked fine in my iPhone and ancient iPod, but not the iPad. I tried every setting, selected playlists, artists, etc. to no avail. Read community chats and all the Apple stuff.


    Then I observed that my purchased music and my newer music (meaning those more recently downloaded with iTunes 10) seemed to sync.  My solution was to go into all the older downloaded into iTunes before iTunes 10 and create new AAC files and discard the older iTunes versions AAC files.  This took a lot of time and decimated my playlists, but using my ancient iPod I could recreate the playlists like I liked them. 


    It would be nice if Apple would have done a program like they do with iPhoto to update the photos for a new version.  This would have made this easier (I couldn't find one).


    Bottom line, my library now syncs fine, even wirelessly.


    I'd sent a question into the communities and got no responses and the ones I'd read seemed to be drawing the same blank results.


    Good luck, Count Merccury!

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    There was no format change to AAC between iTunes 10 and 11. If your solution worked, it worked for reasons other than that.


    The OP didn't have a technical issue with iTunes, he simply didn't know how to use it.