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I just did a reformat of Win7, so I'm running a nice clean computer.


Prior to reformatting, I followed http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4527 on backing up my iTunes.  So currently on my external HD, I have my iTunes folder from "music", as well as my Apple Computer file from C:\user\username\appdata\roaming, to keep my iPhone backups and anything else in there that I may need.


I installed iTunes from a brand new download off their website a few min ago, and went to begin replacing my backed up iTunes folder to get my music back in.  However, every time I open the folder titled "iTunes" on my external HD, iTunes opens up. 


Here is the path on my external HD:  F:\Jan 26 2013\iTunes.  As soon as I click on that "iTunes" folder, poof, automagically iTunes will open.  All I want to do is copy those files over to my C drive where iTunes has a folder in "Music".  I don't want iTunes to open.  I don't ever want iTunes to open unless I double click the desktop icon.


I should note, iTunes automagically opens even when I click on C:\users\user name\my music\iTunes.  So it is not specific to my external HD iTunes folder.


Naturally, I thought there would be some option in iTunes to disable automagic openings, but I see nothing.  I went to edit-preferences in iTunes and looked long and hard at all the tabs, but there is no option as such.  I even set my music files default player to be windows media player (GASP!!!!!)


Anybody have any idea how I can prevent iTunes from opening on its own?  While it's great for when I need to change stuff on my iPhone, the last thing I want to have poping up whilst I sort through my music folders on my hard drives is iTunes.