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Is it just me or is the Contacts Server of little use as a server for sharing contacts across a company?


I've got Contacts service running on Mountain Lion Server 10.8.2 with all updates. Users are hooked into an Open Directory on another server.


I load up Address Book (On a Lion 10.7.5 client). Using a generic Open Directory user I created, I log into the Contacts Server. All is good. It sees the server just fine. I create a group on the server. Group creates. I try to add contacts into the group, and it shows it's imported the contacts. But when I try to log into the server using the same username/password on another 10.7.5 client, the contacts are no longer in the group. Furthermore, I quit out of the 1st Address Book, relaunch and poof, the contacts have dissapeared! The group is still there but it is empty of contacts.

This was working fine for the first 4 groups I created. I was able to import about 1,300 contacts. And those are visable on other Address Book clients looking at the server with the same username.


Any suggestions?

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    Just an FYI,


    I've connected to this server via a Mountain Lion client Contacts and it seems to talk a lot nicer to the Mountain Lion server. My guess is it's the change from Address Book to Contacts apps.


    The problem is most of my client machines are on Snow Leopard and Lion, so it will be interesting trying to keep these all in sync.