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I have been back to bluewater about my phone 5times due to faults. I had sim stuck in my 1st replacement then I had no silent mode on the 2nd and the 3rd phone I was dropping calls and the home button sticking. This still happens. I then went back after Xmas with the same fault and was told there is no fault and this was just software issues. I then asked how long my warranty was left and that I was not happy with this and they said not long about 2weeks I think this is now up. But I have had problems from day 1. I was told by a manager that the iPhone 4 was rubbish and now old and can't cope with the work load, I stated that the phone was less than 2months old and I had no problems with the original until I dropped it and smashed the screen. I have also since had a problem with the camera not working correctly. And now I have noticed that the sound does not work on text tone. And the vibration also doesn't work. So I am getting txt then not  realising. I have to travel 30miles there and back every time I take my phone into the shop to get told this is software, I think this is an excuse to not sort the problem. I need to bring this phone back because of sound. If you could please get back to me on this it would be great. Lloyd

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    Please be aware that you are not communicating with Apple when you post in these forums. The only people who will reply to your posts are your fellow users.


    That someone told you that the iPhone 4 can't handle the work load is just nonsense. We have a number of users using the iPhone 4 extensively on a daily basis with no problems. Why you have had so many issues I can't say; it could be your environment, your usage, or just bad luck. I have no way of determining.


    Assuming that after dropping the iPhone and smashing the screen you had it replaced by Apple and did not have some unauthorized service center repair it, then I would suggest you call Apple Support for the UK, ask to speak with someone in Customer Relations, and explain the continuing problems to them. There may be something they can do for you.