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I want a family stream where everyone can upload pictures. We can't have 12 different streams. It would appear logical and useful. There seem to be no app that allows you to solve this very basic situation.

iOS 6.1
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    Why not use a Sharing service, like Flickr or SmugMug?

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    Only if they are all logged in to the same iCloud account.



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    - Yes, APPLE, why dont I use another application and switch to android at the same time.


    - And why should I install another app when all my photos are handle by the built in photo app and the photostream basically solve the sharing need nice and easy but a final touch, where everyone can add a photo, which seems to be a wanted functionality.


    And I also the easy handling and integration of photstream.


    Both smug mug and flickR cost money to get the functionality.

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    Sorry, not sure what you're on about. Apple aren’t here. You're only talking to other users. What other application are you referring to? Flickr and SmugMug are web services accessed via web browser. You already have one of those, we can surmise, as you've managed to post here. Uploading to Flickr does not require a purchase. Other than that, I suggest you request a feature from Apple:


    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback


    I wouldn't demand it. It's not like you have a right to it. The machine and software you bought as is. If you misunderstood what it does, that's your problem.

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    Ok maybe I posted in wrong community. 

    I'm not really referring to iPhoto (or perhaps iPhoto is "photos" on the iPhone) either way its iPad/iPhone functionality not web i'm looking for. (and for flickr and smug you need to pay for the iPhone app). Ok you can access web through those devices but thats not what I'm looking for.


    I'm looking for a solution for my 85 year old grandfather to recieve pictures from his 4 children and 12 grandchildren nice and easy (one click on one icon sort of), with comments to the pictures etc. WhatsApp, Dropbox, Messages, Drive, Viber, Photo Stream 2.0 doesnt cut it. Neither does FlickR or SmugMug. Only thing I found close so far is photostream. 


    I appologize if I was "on about" something but you have high expectations on Apple products and its a bit annyoing to get:  Why not use this and that instead... that wasnt my original question.


    Now when its clear however that photostream dont have the wanted functionality (no way everyone can use same iCloud account) I would very much appreciate other suggestions.


    So my "on about" was not necessary really, anyway, I'm happy to try other solutions not in the list above.


    Thank you

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    As an addition to my last post create a new iCloud account and have everyone log into it.  On Macs you switch iCloud accounts by going to the System/iCloud preference pane, log out of iCloud account A and log into the common iCloud account. 


    You are aware that a photo in a Photo Stream will be there for only 30 days or until the number of photos exceed 1000, right.  Then it will be replaced by the next photo. However, permanent Photo Streams, either private or public can be created as shown in this screenshot:



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    On the iPhone you can email photos to Flickr without purchasing any extra software. The Flickr app for iPhone is free...

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    Thanks for the tips, FlickR seems like the best solution out there right not.

    I first downloaded the FlickStackrXP app for iPad which you can not upload with the free version - hence my previous comments. But with the iPhone FlickR app you can upload which is good.


    The email function is good too, except that it doesnt seem to be possible to email the photos directly to a group. You know if its possible to set up such a direct email?

    I would also like a better slideshow function that can be set to reply so an iPad can work as a photo frame with the FlickR photos. I have downloaded a bunch off apps like coolirirs etc. I check those out as well.

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    Use can use groups if you use Mail as your email client instead of iPhoto.  Also Mail has photo stationary similar to the themes that iPhoto has.