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I am trying to put a Ken Burns effect on a stil image. I had to re-size the image (transform it to enlarge it) first to fit the screen.


Here is what I'm trying to do:


Clip 1: Still Image (no effects), cross-dissolve


Clip 2: Same Image, slight Gaussian Blur with title over it (cross-dissolves on both clip and title)


Clip 3: Same image, blur and titles are gone, Ken Burns effect zooming into a specific part of the image



When I initially tried to put the Ken Burns effect on Clip 3, it enlarged the image, and the Start part of the frame was much smaller and more zoomed in than the previous images in clips 1 and 2.


I adjusted the Start frame in Clip 3 as best I could to fill the screen, so that the clip starts at full zoom-out and would look exactly the same as Clips 1 & 2. But it's really difficult to get it exactly right. As a result, when Final Cut goes from Clip 2 to Clip 3, the image jumps slightly before starting the Ken Burns zoom-in.


I just started using FInal Cut recently, so maybe there is something I'm not doing right.


When you put a Ken Burns effect on an image or a clip, is there any way to stop it from automatically making the Start frame smaller than the original size of the frame? How can you make Ken Burns start with the "base image," not zoomed in yet or anything?


I hope I'm being clear enough. If not, I'll post a YouTube link to show you what I mean.

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    There are some strange interactions that occur between changing scale, trim,and Ken Burns. Try this sequence. For each photo select it and in the inspector under spacial conform set the popup to fill. Then when you select Ken Burns the start frame will be the full window.