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I am using FCP 6.

I attached my LaCie 800FW external drive to it in order to copy and paste or drag some video files I have in my MacBook Pro hardrive (want to make more room)


However, I cannot drag any files from my MBP to the LaCie.


I went to the "get info" and in Sharing and Permissions it says: "You can only write."


Why am I not able to put any files in my LaCie external drive ??



MacBook Pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6), 2.16GHz, 2G Ram, 120GB Serial ATA Drive, 2-GRaids FW800s, FCP6
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    so did you click on the little lock at the bottom right and change the permissions and make sure that you click on the gear wheel below this window and enable "apply to enclosed items."  If that doesn't work, you may need to do some research.  Permissions can get corrupted on a drive and the only way to fix them is with a series of terminal commands (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't).  If you can't find anything, post back and I'll dig something up.  Of course, it might just be easier to reformat the drive.

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    thanks for the reply ..


    where is this lock and where is the gear wheel? I don't see them.


    However, I just noticed that the LaCie drive is made up of two seperate drives - One is called Exchange and the other just plain LaCie. I have been putting media on the LaCie drive in the past, but since I can't do that now,

    I tried putting my media in the Exchange and that one is read/write so it was doable.


    I always thought the Exchange part of the LaCie was for information/support only.

    Is it okay if I fill it up with meda/video files??



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    call lacie.  Their support has been very responsive recently when I had a problem with a client's drive.


    The lock etc are at the bottom of the get info window.