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I am kinda new to Communities Support, so please excuse All Newbie Errors....

I want to clear out my History, Cookies and Data on my IPad2 that I have owned for almost 3 years. Maybe a very stupid question?

But I use this IPad for practically everything, including Major Stock Market Research and many related Sites, plus I have a lot of Portfoilio Data, Watchlists,

And Stock Alerts set up on a bunch of these sites. Main Problem: After So much usage, and due to auto log ins from my cookies folder,

many of these important sites simply recognize me. I do not have a complete list of sign in info, user names, passwords etc.


I called apple support and several different techs advised me NOT to Erase all cookies and data! Ever! For perpetuity.... I am just wondering if anyone else can hopefully advise me. The amount of cookies, plus tracking cookies, plus Tracers, plus the  zillion other embedded snooping sniffers must be enormous..


And it is. I checked under diagnostics and I am getting tons of low memory crashes. Safari is the largest file listed in crash log next is the apple store, for some reason.



iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1, 32GB
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    I think the first thing you need to do is gather all your log in credentials for the various sites you use. Then you can clear your web history and cookies.


    I clear everything on almost a regular basis, including resets and restores. But thats just me.


    After 3 years of use, I would back up and restore the device. Some others might advise otherwise, but I would not go that long with any deivce or computer without cleaning everthing up.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. I really appreciate it!


    So you are advising a complete wipe of all data and a factory setting total restore after I backed my Ipad2 up first of course?

    Just so i dont screw this up and In order to do this accurately, then is  the process of doing my back up the same as usual, in my ITunes on my IMac, where I have regular back ups done? And would you suggest, under the sync settings, I check everything including sync my email as well? I have that unchecked since once it completely screwed up my IPad email retrieval system. Sorry I don't mean to post so many questions on this, but I definitely agree with you on doing that system wipe after 3 years. So I wanna get this perfectly right as there will be just the one shot at it.


    Are there any additional steps that you would advise me to take for this particular back up, for there is  a major system restore involved on my IPad 2?

    I am a bit of a novice as I am sure you can see... Especially when it comes to the Apple back up systems. I have basically just opened ITunes on my IMac plugged in my IPad and let it just take care of the process until now. I only unchecked the sync email account section. And I usually stop the iPhoto program from backing up all my photos when it goes into the Facial Recognition process.


    Anyway, I did this with my IPhone 4S but it was new and I had of all dumb things, forgotten the passcode I had used.


    So thanks in advance once again, and I really do wanna thank you for your time, expertise and helpfulness.

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    I would suggest two backups, one to itunes and one to icloud. (assuming you already had icloud set up on the device, this should be easy).


    I really don't sync anything from my mac except for apps and some music, as necessary. I do everything through I icloud and that works for me. My email is all web based, I never lose anything.


    Make sure itunes is updated to the latest version, before you do anything with it.


    iTunes: Backing up and Restoring iOS software



    About iOS backups


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    Thanks again. That really helped answer everything. I will read the articles and do this over the weekend.