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I recorded a screen capture of a seminar for class, it is six hours and ten minutes long.  I want to burn it to a DVD but anytime I try to transfer the .mov file into any program (premiere pro, iDVD, iMovie, Popcorn, VLC, wondercast, etc.) it says it's not supported or comes up blank.  I downloaded Quicktime 7 to try and save it differently but the file won't even open in quicktime 7.  I don't know how to compress the file or change it or anything, been trying to do research on google for hours and have had no luck.  I have these seminars every week and want to be able to record them and keep them for studying and plus I don't want to keep the large files on my desktop.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this or a better way to record a streaming video of that length to then transfer to DVD?  Any help would be most appreciated!!

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    iDVD can only use and burn up to 120 minutes of playing time on a single layer DVD disk or 240 minutes on a double layered DVD disc.


    You will have to split your movie file into two files so that each have less than 2 hours of playing time. Then create two projects, one for each portion of the class.


    Once you get the files to less than 2 hours each create a project and drag the file into the open iDVD project window being careful to avoid any drop zones that may be in the menu.


    Follow this workflow to help ensure a successful burned disk:

    Once you have the project as you want it save it as a disk image via the  File ➙ Save as Disk Image  menu option.  This will separate the encoding process from the burn process. 


    To check the encoding mount the disk image and launch DVD Player and play it.  If it plays OK with DVD Player the encoding was good.


    Then burn to disk with Disk Utility or Toast at the slowest speed available (2x-4x) to assure the best burn quality.  Always use top quality media:  Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are the most recommended in these forums.




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    I don't think you understood properly, sorry maybe I didn't word it right.  I know how to burn it onto dvd once I can get it into iDVD.  The problem is that iDVD, iMovie, etc. all say that the file is not supported.  If I do a screen capture in fifteen minute increments it lets me import it and then burn it but I need either a program or a suggestion on how I can record six hours of screen capture and then transfer it into a program to burn onto dvd.  Does that make more sense?  Thanks for you help!

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    What format is this epic in?

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    What are you using to do the screen capture?  Does it have a preference  setting where you can set the video format?

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    I was using Quicktime X which will not work.  It doesn't let you change video format until it's finished recording.  I need a program that will let you screen record longer than that, for an hour at least.  Or a program that can rip the streaming video, I don't know what is easiest.  Either way Quicktime doesn't work for it, hence why I am asking for alternative suggestions.  Thank you!

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    Klaus, it is not in a format it is an online stream live.

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    Probably H.264. Try Handbrake for converting it.




    If you keep it as one six-hour epic expect this to take a couple of days.

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    Thank you but that's not what I'm looking for.  The six hour file won't transfer.  I cannot use Quicktime because it only lets you screen capture in ten minute increments in order for the files to transfer, including if you use a program to convert the .mov to something else.  What I am looking for is a program or app that will let me record the stream in at least one hour increments in a format that I can easily transfer to a dvd burning program.

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    Good afternoon,


    You may wish to look at SnapZpro to capture your streaming video.  I've used it successfully for video screen captures which are shorter than your desires, so I don't know if it has a length limitation (nothing in my manual on this).  You will have a variety of options to decrease the resulting video file size (6 hour chunks of video consume a lot of hard disk space!).


    As noted, iDVD can squeeze no more than 2 hours onto a single-layer DVD (double-layer DVDs are a little tricker to work with but hold twice as much).  Here are the video formats iDVD can handle:



    A couple more thoughts:

    --- Roxio Toast can squeeze more video onto a single-layer DVD than iDVD.  Menus aren't as nice, but I assume that's not a big consideration.


    ---Do you need to see the speaker or could you live with just the audio recording?  Lots(!) less file space is required for audio-only recordings and you could listen to audio recordings on your iPod or in your car.


    ---Any chance the classes are available as a podcast so they remain available and you don't have to do your own recordings?