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In header I would like to put sections names (say Aim, Experiment, Results, Conclusion) of my talk. The idea is when I am on "Experiment"  section's slides, all these names appear, say horizontally and only "Experiment" is visible while the other headings should blur or fade?.


So the question is:


  1. How to break the presentation in sections or subsections?
  2. How to make Keynote manage relevant section headings i.e. fading out irrelevant headings, colours, fonts


Of course I can write the names manually and for each slide do the necessay changes to the header. but lets face it: for 25+ slides this toturous.


I know probably I would have to reedit some master slides or this there any coding to be done?

I know this kind of things is rather simple in Beamer.


I would really welcome any bit of help. !!

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    this is a popular  straightforward and quick thing to do, its all set up manually

    It took me less than two minutes to create 40 slides as you describe:


    1. duplicate the blank master slide 4 times
    2. create 4 text boxes on one of the duped masters with your titles using gray text, paste these into the 3 other dup master slides
    3. change the text colour to orange of one text box in each of the new masters, so you have a different highlight colour in each master
    4. create as many new slides  as you need then add one the 4 master layouts to a selection of the working slides

  • obviouly use colours and layout to suit your needs
  • when you need a new slide, just apply one of the master slide layouts