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I have imac DV special edition purchased in 1999/2000 in singapore. It is functional. I want to upgrade this and donate. is this imac upgrade-able? interms of memory, hard drive? are there any upgrades to the OS for this edition? FYI, this mac could not conect to network since 2007. it does not open usbmodems ( vodofone or Tata usb dangle). would appreciate any advice from the group. Thanks

Vodafone dangle K3770, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    iMacs with slot-loading optical drives and processors that are 400 mHz or faster can be upgraded to Mac OS version of 10.4.11.


    Those same models all support up to 1GB RAM  (two x 512MB modules).


    The hard drive can be upgraded but there are a couple of issues:


    1) First, the hardware in those iMacs cannot recognize more than 128GB of hard drive space, and are PATE/IDE, which are getting harder to find. If you find and install a PATA drive that is larger that 120GB, you will need to partition so it has a first partition of 120-125GB, and leave the rest as blank, or "unformatted."


    2) Second, there are reports (and it happened to me) of the "no fans" convection cooling system in that model not keeping up with the heat production of a newer, larger hard drive and, in our case, extra processor load from OSX. That overheated the PAV board and casued it to now only work sporadically


    It does not open usbmodems

    If you mean a USB dial-up modem, that model has both an ethernet port and a built-in dial-up modem. It's unlikely that both ports failed. If they did, I would not invest in a rehab of any kind


    If these USB devices are wireless receveirs, it may be difficult to find the required drivers that will work on an older Mac OS version. What OS is on this iMac?

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    1. Newer Technology MAXPower 802.11g/b Wireless USB 2.0 Stick Adapter $15.99 http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Newer%20Technology/MXP2802GU2/ 
    2. Newer Technology MAXPower 802.11n/g/b USB Adapter. The easiest way to add Wireless Connectivity to ANY computer! 'n' speed is the newest and fastest. $29.99 http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Newer%20Technology/MXP802NU2C/


    You better give OWC 1-800-275-4676 a call to verify that these USB dongles will work with 10.3 or earlier..


    You would be better off with the more expensive dongle. The letters n/g/b correspond to the speed of the data transfer.  You should match the speed to your existing router. You best match on the highest speed -- N is the highest. G is middle.  b is lowest.


    Safari 4.1.3 for Tiger



    iCab - The Taxi for the Internet



    for PPC

    tenfourfox -- It's a port of the latest FireFox to run on older hardware and software.

    "World's most advanced web browser. Finely tuned for the Power PC."


    alternative download site:


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    Thanks for the guidance. will apply and revert with results.

    BTW, I have OSX 10.4.11 version.

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    Dear rccharles,


    OWC dropped the b/g version you linked, and that link now goes to the faster b/g/n version. So both links you posted go to the same spot. I had to change several bookmarks I use in ASC when they redid that product group about the end of 2012.


    And they have changed the specs fro the faster version to require 10.5 or higher, so they no longer have a wireless USB solution that works on any G3 Mac. However, when those did work on 10.4.11, the "n" version would make rated speed only when used in a USB 2.0 port, something lacking in G3 iMacs.


    Based on some older posts with similar dongles, I'm thinking the provider-furnished devices he tried did not have Mac drivers, all too common with those things.

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    bummer.  Thanks for the update.



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    Amazon claims to be selling the older version:

    http://www.amazon.com/NewerTech-MAXPower-802-11n-Wireless-Extension/dp/B00132CMN C


    1. Ethernet Bridge

    2. Please note this requires mac os x 10.5 or greater to configure or windows xp to configure.
      Ethernet Bridge  "The versatile Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge can make any wired Ethernet-equipped device a part of your wireless network."  from linksys example: http://www.amazon.com/Linksys-RE1000-Wireless-N-Range-Extender/dp/B005FDXMJS/ref =sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314563758&sr=8-1


      Airport ExpressAirport Express is an external unit and you can configure it as a bridge.  802.11n ( I bevieve you will need a more modern version of Mac OS X to configure.  Sadly, Apple uses a configuration program to configure, not a web browser. )