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I bought itunes match in the assumtion that this would be an easy way to transfer the music from my iphone onto my computer. My old computer with my music is in a different county and none of it came from itunes. Ive read some articles that say no itunes match does not delete your iphone library but there are also as ive read further into it I've found conflicting articles that say yes your library will be wiped.


Ild love a plain and simple either yes or no.


Also if the answer is yes it will delete you iphone library will I be at eligble to cancel my subscription as the money has not yet left my account.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Yes. It does. For a short time you will have no music on your device. You will panic, At least I did. All my music was gone, well not gone, it was still listed, just grayed out, so I couldn't play anything, but eventually all my songs, okay, 90% of my songs were either matched, or uploaded, and available to be played, and I had a couple more gigs of free space on my iphone. After all, that is the point of Itunes match, right? Store your music in the cloud, so you don't have to store it on you ios device?