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my son's ipad was having some error messages when plugged in to sync, since we are going on a long road trip, i decided to try to restore from a previous backupo n the computer it is synced to. did so, but is stuck in a continuous backup loop, and doesnt restore games and settings.

how do i get it working and restored correctly before 4 am tommorrow morning?


ipad2, latest OS...

iMac, imac, macpro, macbook, ipad, ect.
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    Is this how you restore from iTune Backup?



    1. Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and settings



    2. You'll be asked twice to confirm



    3. You'll see Apple logo and progress bar



    4. You'll see a big iPad logo on screen



    5. Configuration start



    6. Set language



    7. Set country



    8. Select Network and input Password>Join



    9. Enable Location Service>Next



    10. You'll be given 3 options (a) Setup as New iPad (b) Restore from iCloud Backup (c) Restore from iTune Backup



    11. Select Restore from iTune Backup



    12. You will see picture of USB cable pointing towards iPad



    13. Connect iPad to iTune (make sure iTune is on standby)



    14. Tap Continue (computer)



    15. Restore iPad from Backup (computer)



    16. See progress bar with estimated time (computer)



    17. See Restore in Progress on iPad



    18. See Apple logo



    19. See Apple and Progress Bar



    20. Slide to Unlock



    21. Copying Apps back to iPad (computer)



    22. You'll see Loading/Installing/Waiting below the Apps (iPad)



    23. Sync Music/Podcast/Movies to iPad (computer)



    24. Sync completed (computer)

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    thanks for the quick response.

    when ipad connected, clicked the restore from backup. it went through it's process. came up with a welcome to your new ipad graphic, restore from backup option, tried again, same loop. tried a couple of older backup's. keeps going back to the welcome to new ipad grtaphic with options of setup as new or restore from backup.

    tried shutting down computer. tried shutting down ipad. unplugged all usb. tried right click, then restoring from some of those optional backups.

    getting to the point where i want to use the setup as new ipad, then somehow restore from backup through there, but fear i may entirely lose all saved gameplay settings which would be a big devestation for a six-year old.

    this procedure is much different from previous times when i've restored from a backup to clear up some syncing problem or another. the graphic is a new thing, in previous iterations, i had the full field of charts instead of the image of ipad.

    i believe the only difference this time from others is that he has made alot of home videos which were maxing out memory space. most are not backed up through the iphoto, but best ones were sent through email to save. I turned off photos and videos, demoved larger games which releived space issues, but still getting stuck in loop.

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    tried a backup from last november as it erased all games from ipad and erased everything when trying more recent backups.

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    i seem to have it backed up from a backup from last november. maybe i can get it to restore from february backup after the roadtrip?

    at least going back that far allowed the blocks with words and tabs and options available, and probable game restorations.