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Lost phone

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    in order to track an iOS device with iCloud, you need to have set it up to be trackable before it went missing.  You would have done that by setting up an iCloud account on the lost device, and then enabling find my iPhone under the iCloud account settings.


    If you did not do that before you lost it, it cannot be tracked remotely from your iCloud account.

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    so am i. i have just lost an iphone 4s

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    so unfortunately of me have just lost an iphone4s just before my school gate when i was listening to music.What is even worse is it seems that i forgot put a "find my phone"i my lost phone.And when i borrow my classmate's touch to using "find my phone",it just demonstrate not online......SO SAD OF ME/.

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    I have my iPad linked to find my iPhone on my iPad and my iPhone, how do I add my iPhone to the device list... Followed directions online and in help center within the app and its not showing up on the app ........help?