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I know this questions is asked many of times but I need my document back! I deleted my document on the iPad, iCloud. Logged in to my computer and it said it was a deleted document in iCloud as named "new document" I asked my shelf, there's no way that my document I must have been crated a new one by mistake. S I deleted that one, that moment my real document in pages just shutdowns and disappears in ICloud. My document didn't have that name as I asked me to delete. Is there still no way to recover my document, it was about 5 weeks work...


I have have not


- made a backup in iCloud or iTunes


- I have restarted my mac and iPad.


- I have tried with recovery apps but still no success.


Please help, is maybe apple available to recover? :(

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Reply by Csound1 on Feb 16, 2013 8:13 AM Helpful

If possible I would stick to using TM as it is supposed to be used in future, but the file you are looking for is most likely gone now

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