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I've just used the function 'Relocate Masters' on all my photos (10k photos, 130GB).

The Aperture library has shrinked from 130GB to 65GB.

My masters are all in one foder: 80GB.

How come (Referenced library + Masters) > (Managed Library) ?


I can see that Aperture has been generating Previews for the last 3hours (still 3k photos to deal with), so the size I wrote above are still growing...

I notice that right after relocating the master (Referenced library + Masters) = (Managed Library).

This would mean I didn't have any Previews when I was running the Managed Library. It is not true though.


Do you have any idea why my referenced library is getting bigger than its previous managed version?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I just have a little to add -- I haven't had time to investigate.  Starting c. six weeks ago, every time I relocate Originals from the Library to an external drive, Aperture recreates all the Previews.  I don't know why.  I have never changed my Previews setting, and I always have Aperture create Previews for all Images.


    Some things to check:

    - does it depend on the file format?

    - does it happen if you now consolidate some Originals, and then relocate them to an external drive again?

    - does it add more Previews, or is it replacing the existing Previews?

    - does it happen with "Share Previews" off?


    I can confirm that it doesn't matter whether the file has any adjustments or not.