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Should I update to ios 6.1.1? Reading about problems with battery life.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    Hi Celina412

    The biggest mistake I did was updated to version 6.1.1 - Ive also noticed another this if your phone is less than 12mths old take the risk as they will replace the phone.  The phones, which are getting defected and on their system are getting defiected as then you end up going to the Apple stores or Tech Support you want your money to change your handset.  There charging £139 too - Oh and when you tell them their are other 4S users having issues, they dont care...  Hope Steve Jobs is looking down and watching what the people he left in charge with Apple are doing to his dream.


    So Celina, if I was you, DON'T update the phone unless you are having big issues!!!!

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    Guys, I have upgraded to 6.1.1 but found battery discharged much faster that it's before upgrade so, don't upgrade, otherwise you can't use the phone even 1 day if you took some photoes....


    even worse that I can't revert back to old version since I didn't backup before I upgrade.... Steve, pls look down: we just follow push's to upgrade, but so bad of this upgrade.