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Please could someone tell me how to stop iTunes Match uploading albums that it must already have?


For example, I've just imported 'Rubber Soul' by The Beatles at the best level available to me (AAC encoder/iTunes Plus on an iMac Power PC running OSX 10.5.8). I know iTunes already has this album as its available for download, hence why would it want another copy?!


At best, iTunes is providing me with a copy of my music at the level of its original import, rather than letting me have access to a more sophicated copy (on other devices). If thats true then fine, but would I really be able to tell the difference between my copy (AAC encoder/iTunes Plus) and theirs? 


At worst (and with some cynicism) by insisting that iTunes Match uploads more or less everything you import Apple are pushing you towards paying for a download of music you already own if you wish to avoid locking up your machine whilst it performs uploads at an excrutiating pace...