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Is it possible to store an iTunes library on an external hard drive and have an iPhone plugged into the hard drive and watch whatever content is on there?


Let me explain my question...


My wife and I are leaving for Germany in a few months and since it is going to be a 12+ hour flight, I would like some of my own entertainment.  I have thought about using the wireless hard drive meant for streaming from Seagate (http://www.seagate.com/external-hard-drives/portable-hard-drives/wireless/wirele ss-plus/) but then I realized that the TSA, FAA and whatever government acronym might frown upon that idea since it broadcasts a wifi signal. 


What I would like to do is the same idea as the wireless hard drive but have my iPhone plugged into it so that I dont have to worry about wifi signals but I can still watch or listen to my entire iTunes library.

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    There is no wired solution that I'm aware of.


    Whatever they say, no one cares about WiFi above 10,000 feet. Almost no one bothers to turn it off and indeed many airlines now offer WiFi internet. If there's a wireless solution, you'll have no trouble using it.


    On the other hand, you should have no trouble getting 12 hours of entertainment (music or video) on the phone itself, so a whole external drive might be overkill.

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    The idea behind having the hard drive would be I would have my entire library at my disposal, not just the media that would fit on what space I have on my iPhone.


    I'll have to look into the wifi restrictions for airlines.  I know alot of them offer wifi but they might have different rules for people who bring on devices that broadcast wifi.

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    If they don't sell WiFi, the will of course tell you it's not allowed.  The logic is that paying for WiFi protects the plane.