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My Keyword HUD has become a disaster after years of dragging and dropping.  Keywords and folders have accidentally become nested in under other keyword folders and some are so deep that I need the search box to find.  I have tried to drag things back to the proper spot, but that often leads to more problems.  Is there a solution?  It would seem that there is a way to work the the keywords in something more editable than the HUD.

iMac 27, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Quad Core i5 w/8 gigs RAM
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    I suspect your options run across a straight balance beam from, on one side, "Laborious" to, on the other, "Tricky".


    Your goal is (at least as an intermediate step) to:

    - flatten the entire nested structure?

    - retain all keyword assignments per Image?


    How many keywords in total?


    There is no way to edit externally a keyword list.  You can export your list, and you can import a list, but you can't import a list and have those keywords matched to your existing keywords.

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    Hmmm, when you say "balance beam" I assume you mean the keyword control bar on the bottom of the screen?  I only list the few most-used keywords in there and it is not a problem.  It is the keyword HUD that is a mess that I can't seem to untangle.  I would be okay to just to put every keyword on one level and eliminate the folders and folders inside of folders if that is possible.

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    Sorry -- I was just being figural, trying to describe your range of options.  There are laborious ways to solve your problem, and there are tricky ways that might solve your problem.  And in between are combination of bits of each.  Which you chose depends on several things, prime among them:


    How many keywords are in your Library?

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    I'm guessing there is well over 200 in the HUD.  I am a professional and have Keywords for clients and the various categories I have assembled.  They are not just random descriptions.  I appreciate you helping.  I'm running off for a while, but I will return later so I may be out of touch for the afternoon.  I look forward to your suggestions, but I dread the ""laborious" and "tricky" :-(



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    Long day -- sorry.  Will respond tomorrow.

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    I tried a bunch of different things, and none work well.  .


    Here's what I would do to flatten a keyword list in Aperture.  With only 200 keywords, it shouldn't take long at all.

    Create a new top-level Keyword Group.  (A Keyword Group is just a Keyword that has or will have children.)  Name it "aa.MyBusiness" or something like that.  (I preface all Keyword Groups with "aa." so they will stand apart and be listed at the top of the Keyword HUD and the Keyword Rule in the Filter HUD.  Starting with the keyword beneath "aa.MyBusiness", select all the contiguous single keywords (in other words, select from the first keyword below aa.MyBusiness" to the last keyword above the next Keyword Group).  Drag this set into "aa.MyBusiness".  As needed, collapse the Keyword Group "aa.MyBusiness" by clicking the disclosure triangle.  Next you want to expand the entire Keyword Group that is now just below "aa.MyBusiness".  Do this by collapsing the Keyword Group (if it is expanded), and then hold down "{Option}" while clicking the disclosure triangle.  This should expand every keyword group that is its descendant.  Now select, in groups, all the contiguous solo keywords at any level and move them to "aa.MyBusiness".  Repeat with the Keyword Groups once they have no children.  Continue in this way until all your keywords are children of "aa.MyBusiness".  Any time you asked if you want to merge keywords, say "Yes".


    This should give you a single top-level Keyword Group, with all of keywords children of that one keyword.


    From there, you can start to build a keyword hierarchy to meet your needs (or leave them a one "flat" list under "aa.MyBusiness").





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    Okay, that makes sense and not as laborious or tricky as I thought it might be. I have a couple of projects starting tomorrow morning so I may put this off until the middle of the week when I'm not too distracted. I was actually anticipating some process using the Batch Change w/ append and replace, but I'm relieved that you did not take that route.  I might even take a few baby steps tonight.  Thanks again.

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    You're welcome. 


    Just do it  .  Once you get started is should roll right along.  Of course, you should never have data without having a backup ... .

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    Done deal.  Was not very tedious and I also cleaned up a lot of redundancy while I was at it.  I will be more careful now when dragging keywords around.  Thanks

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    Glad it worked out.  Order is good.  .