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For some reason, whenever I activate Apple's native map navigator or Garmin USA (the two Navigation Apps I use) on my iPhone 4S my music library is automatically accessed and songs start playing from the library in a random fashion.  I am listening to my iPhone through my car's (Prius) sound system via bluetooth when this occurs.  I have not tried this outside the car.  I do not have the music app, or any music app, running before activating the navigator.  I also do not have any music apps in the "recently used apps" bar before activating the navigator.  Once music is activated, I can get the music to turn off by closing Apple's music app in the "recently used apps" bar...where it now magically is alive.


I would prefer to have manual control over when music plays in my car and not have it automatically come on when I activate a navigation app.

iPhone 4S, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)