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I am using a Macbook Pro (late 2012) with Mountain Lion (10.8.2). Ever since I got this computer, I've got the following problem: I cannot upload any files on the internet. It doesn't matter where I want to upload it (to i.e. facebook, eBay, Gmail etc.), what I am trying to upload (.doc, .mp3, .jpg) or how big the file is (even word files with just one sentence in it fail). The internet connection/router shouldn't be the problem, because I have tried it with >5 internet connections (Wi-Fi + Ethernet) and it never worked anywhere. What I should probably also mention is the fact that after reinstalling Mountain Lion, it worked for a couple of hours. However, after I installed a very limited amount of very basic programs (I think it was just Office 2011, Google Chrome, Flash, (Java) + ?) it didn't work again...


I am more than frustrated, that's why I am offering a €20 reward to the person that offers me a solution to my problem! (payment method: bank wire or PayPal preferrably).


Thanks in advance...

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)