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I have a real problem.  I've added background music to a project.  I was able to get in the timeline and adjust the audio levels just fine in the first piece of music.  But it wasn't long enough, and when I added a second piece of music, the only place i can adjust the audio level is in the inspector.  In other words, it won't let me get into the audio track in the timeline and make individual adjustments as I was able to do in the first song I added.


Any ideas?


I'm running version 9.0.8


Many thanks,

Phil Rogers


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    By the way, I find only one post about this issue.  It's from 2011, and no one had a solution.  There MUST be one!

  • Phil Rogers Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I just read my original post and I wasn't very clear.  On the second background music clip (and I tried it also with a third) I don't get the yellow box.  Plus, when I hover over the music level line in the audio track, I don't get the little arrow thing that allows me to grab the line.  ONLY in the first music background track to I get these.

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    The one from 2011 is a totally different issue in iMovie 09.

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    I would suggest adding your audio by dragging and dropping on the exact frame where you want it to start, rather than adding to the background. (Well, it does  not have to be "exact" because you can adjust it later. You just want it on the clip instead of in the background.)

    The audio should appear below the video strip, instead of in the background.

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    It's the exact same issue.  Cannot just audio levels in any subsequent background music clips.  Only in the first one.

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    Hi Phil,


    I tried out what you said your problem was and realized that I had the same issue when I tried to have two sound tracks on the same project. I messed around with it for a bit trying different things a discovered that if you have the second track on the project like this

    Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 22.02.35.png

    instead of like this

    Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 21.43.02.png


    You can use the slider to adjust the volume. To do this you just drag and drop the sound track over the video clips instead of the background.


    Hope this helped.



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    George and Appleman

    Thank you this worked!  Project is done.  This way, you have much more control.


    I screwed up on my buttons.  You both deserve a "solved" here.  I can't figure out how to change it.  But George you were every bit as helpful, and I thank you!