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Hey guys,



I have an instance on Sculpture in a project i am working on. Everything is fine until the point where i try to manually write some automation in the arrange window. As soon as I select the parameter i want to change (LFO1 rate in this case) the sound of sculpture gets all weird and sounds nothing like the one before.

Is this some kind of bug? has anyone encountered this?



I also have another question and as im posting this anyway ill just put it here.

Im trying to set up a nanoKontrol2. Ctrl+k, created several modes (fader, es2, ultrabeat etc). I've assigned several buttons to switch between the modes but the assigned functions wont operate until i also choose that particular instrument in the arrange window.

Is there a way around this? i.e switch bet modes and actually affect that instrument without having to use a mouse to choose it?



Im also having problems with the fader mappings when trying to control volume levels of multi output instruments exs24, ultrabeat. When i move a fader of the overall instrument only the volume of one (unassigned) fader of lets say output 3-4 of that instrument will get affected. Im i doing something wrong?