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Hello, I need a wireless router so that I can share my internet connection between my imac and a mac mini in my small home. Also, I need the wireless signal so that my Kindle fire can access it as well. When I started looking at routers, I became really confused just based on prices alone. Some are so inexpensive and others twice as much, but all seem to have similar specs? Am I missing something? I was looking to buy a non-apple product because I'd like to keep the cost down and can't spend a bunch for a airport extreme. Then I read a bunch of horror stories about people not being able to get their routers to work. Is it really that difficult to set up the network that I need? I would like to keep my main imac wired to the modem I have, then also connect the modem to the router which would broadcast it to the other mac and Kindle. Also, would like to share the printer wirelessly. If anyone has advice on current options on the market now that might work for my needs and be user friendly for a networking novice, I'd really appreciate it.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I use a LinkSys E2500 ... going for about $70 these days.


    I set up a wireless network:


    WPA2 encrytion

    Network name does NOT identify me -- think "EdsAntFarm" instead of my first and last name.

    Password for network is random characters (a$_G1e&...) and long (others say 40 is a good length)

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    I am biased but I think Apple's Airport Extreme or the Airport Express are tough to beat. More expensive than a LinkSys but dead reliable and the easiest router to set up and use there is. You can also find them for less in Apple's refurbished store, they come with the same warranty as new items.

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    I had a Netgear Rangemax and it was the best router I ever used (had to discontinue when I switched ISPs and the current one requires me to use their own equipment, a modem/router combo).


    In any case, please note that most routers come with setup software that'll work on Windows, but not compatible with Macs, but that is of little concern. You can very easily set up any router by following their setup instructions and going to the interface webiste (something like 168.192.x.x) and setting it up. It is not difficult. Remember the encryption and a good password and write it all down.


    FWIW, one of my neighbors gave their router the name  "malware server". That should keep most people away, LOL.


    Edit: Unfortunately, I have to agree with rkaufmann - they are easy to set up, but I've never liked their prices.