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Hi everyone, I am looking to get a new mac in the near future but wanted to know which Desktop mac is best for music and video? I was thinking of the new iMac but not sure if they are powerful enough? I need something that can handle CPU intensive stuff. I will be using it mainly for video editing and music producing

  • MichelPM Level 6 (11,423 points)

    In a nutshell,

    Look at the new 27 inch screen iMac models.

    Get the fastest optional CPU,

    Decide which optional GPU you'd be comfortable with.

    Get the base 8 GBs of RAM and then purchase extra, cheaper RAM through third party Mac RAM sellers.

    Then add as much RAM as you think you need. The 27 inch screen models can take up to 32 GBs of RAM.

    Decide on optional storage sizes.

    If you need a CD / DVD optical drive, these are no longer built-in and you will need to budget for a good external optical drive.

    Budget for 3-year extended AppleCare warranty service.

    In case of reliability issues with the first 5 years of operational life, the iMac will be covered with free warranty service for the first three years.

    Good Luck!

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    MichelPM about covered it, dont' foget to a good quality external HD (even better get 2) to use for backing up. Using any computer without a strong backup plan is not living dangerously but living foolishly!