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My new iMac 27" has started doing a kind of loud and intermitent clicking noise which starts 1-2h after powering on. I have do a full hardware tests and all seems ok. I have speedup the fan trying to test if it could be touching cable but the sounds doesnt change. What it could be?.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    If you have an iMac with a HDD, probably it's the hard drive (a clicking noise is often caused by the hard drive), and it may indicate that your hard drive is going to fail.


    I suggest you to make a backup of your data with Time Machine and/or Carbon Copy Cloner, and then, take the Mac to an Apple Store or reseller to get the HDD replaced

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    I have uploaded an audio record. The sounds seems to increase when i put the mic near of the airsource in the back. Could be a power supply issue?



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    Maybe, but if it's a mechanical noise, it's probably the hard drive. However, you will only know what's failing if you take the Mac to an Apple Store or reseller

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    I finally sent my imac to the technical service for repairing, and the noise is still there. They merely returned it to me the next day they diagnosed it withouth touching it (as noted in the report, the only reseted smc, something that I did by phone when i call him). They could at least call me for asking about the problem.