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I'm editing ppts in Keynote but have to use them as exported ppts to teach college in a Windows-PC environment

Keynote 5.3

MacPro OSX 10.75



Loss of ppt function after opening in keynote then exporting as ppt


Educational ppts (Powerpoints) from Pearson play movies using PowerPoint or Powerpoint Viewer via a button located on some slides if the movies are located in the same folder as the ppt.


If I open such a ppt in keynote and immediately export it as a ppt, the ability to play the movie is lost; the click on the button just advances the slide instead.


Is there a preference in Keynote that might be set differently to prevent this behavior and allow playing of the movie from within the Powerrpoint application.


Note that the size of the file (via Get Info) is exactly the same after exporting the ppt FROM Keynote 5.3



Mac OS X (10.7.5), Keynote 5.3
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    re-establish the links to the movie in Powerpoint and they will play again.

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    Thank you Gary,

    I did just that last night;

    Select the graphic object ("Play" Btn").

    Open the Powerpoint "tools" floating pallet wd.

    Open the "Hyperlink" 'tab'

    select 'link to file'

    then browse (open finder wd) to find and select the movie file.

    Click "Open" and a powerpoint function returns the full path to the file and associates it with the "mouseUp" msg handler within the script of the "Play" Btn, which I expect essentially sends a doubleClick to the movie file ( ie. opens it) and it will then play in a new window from within some other application like Quicktime or Media Player if that other application exists on your computer. (I'm getting a (sandbox?) dialogue window first, telling me,  asking me something) that needs to be dealt with. I'm using Powerpoint for Mac and OSX 10.7.5.

    (I expect that will not occur using a PC and some version of Windoz in the PC ed conference room environment or using emulated Windoz 7 within the Parallels 8 application on the MacPro, but I have not tried that since I only have the Powerpoint viewer installed in that Windoz 7 system as of the moment.


    I've never really used Powerpoint or Keynote until recently because I have used my own presentation application created in Supercard which of course is much more flexible; from the ability to utilze windows of any kind or number on any slide, to all the power of unix via shell scripts and a huge set of functions native to the Supercard suite of stable developement tools.


    Any suggestions how best to integrate movies into straight Keynote presentations ?


    Thank you again Gary,


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    Any suggestions how best to integrate movies into straight Keynote presentations ?


    Thank you again Gary,



    Inserting movies in to Keynote is very simple, just drag and drop using finder and adjust the size and position on the slide. You can quickly center the image; center guides appear when lined up properly.


    The QT files are copied into the Keynote project and therefore does not loose the links.


    I always use a dark background behind the movie to keep the contrast up. Inspector > slide appearance.


    thats it.