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Do I have to always use iCloud to access my Keynote presentations?  I just started using my iPad 2 (Wi-Fi only) for presentations on a projector and would like to know if I can do so without being tied to the internet.  I anticipate in the future I will need to make presentations at locations were there is no internet connection and I'd like to do so using my iPad 2 and AppleTV2, but I don't know how to download a copy of my presentation onto my iPad 2, or even if this is possible. 


Thank you for your help in advanced...

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6.1
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    You don't need iCloud to access to your Keynote presentations, but if you have iCloud, your presentations are also uploaded to iCloud.


    By default, your iPad will upload your presentations to iCloud, but it also keeps a local copy of the presentation to use it without an Internet connection, so don't worry about that

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    Thank you mende1... Do you know if I can use my AppleTV 2 to wirelessly connect my iPad to my projector in a venue withOUT an internet connection?


    Thanx again for your help so far...

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    Unfortunately, that's not possible. To use AirPlay, you need that your Apple TV and iPad are connected to the same network

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    Can I use a wire?  If so, what all is needed?  Thanx again for your help!

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    Unfortunately, a wireless network is required

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    Hello again mende1,

    After all of your wonderful help, I decided that I had gained enough knowledge to give it a whirl at my church this morning using my projector, iPad 2, and AppleTV2 as mentioned above.  What I learned today, above and beyond what I've learned here, is that "the same network" can be a LAN Wi-Fi and works just fine for making the connection between the iPad and the projector. 


    What I used to achieve the LAN was simply an older AirPort Express that I had laying around.  The significance of this is that you can put on a Keynote presentation in a venue that has NO internet connection whatsoever, simply by using a Wi-Fi base station, like an AirPort Express; along with the AppleTV and iPad as mentioned above.  I was astonished that the AirPort Express base station would do this withOUT having to have an ethernet cable connected to a WAN (internet). 


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!