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"How do I have my contacts on my mac air hard-synch with the cloud?  I want the Mac Air to win over the cloud data to start fresh.  With mobil me we had arrows to point in one direction or another.  here we don't."


I strart with to clean everything on all my devices.

strart again on my computer with my backed-up contacts (.abbu)


When the are in my adressbook it syncs with icloud


It seems "something" still keep overiding my computer

When I put in the right backup in adressbook something from the cloud changes it back again..


From the original 1600 adresses back to 67..


Please help!

15 icnh laptop-intel, Mac OS X (10.6.1), W8651646W0J
  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    iCloud does not "sync" data like MobileMe did. Your computer & devices subscribes to the master data stored on the iCloud servers.


    Your signature states you are using OS X 10.6.1 - iCloud requires OS X 10.7.5 or later


    If you are using the correct version of OS X, turn iCloud off, then re-import your Address Book backup, then turn iCloud Contacts back on. The data stored in Address Book should be transferred to iCloud and your local Address Book setup to subscribe to the data on the iCloud server.

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    Hi Julian,


    Thanx for your reply

    I have version 10.8.2. I cleaned all my contacts on my devices (ipad, iphone, laptop and icloud) Synct everything

    that everything is completely empty. Put iCloud of, fresh contacts in...


    And then without ICloud on adressbook starts to "sync" 1600 adresses schrinks back to 67..

    ..oh my


    So something is mysteriously syncing with some kind off database..

    What to do?




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    Hi Juian, found it!


    I had to copy my database to the my contacts in my adressbook and now it works, thanx!