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Hi guys,


Here is a picture of the macbook I am trying to replace the keyboard on (or the whole topcase, however it's done on a mac)




When I look it up, it says it's a mid 2012 macbook pro. The bottom says Copyright 2010, so how can that be? Also, the iFixit guide does not match this model.


The closest I found was this one


http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/MacBook+Pro+15-Inch+Unibody+Mid+2010+Teardown/221 2/1


Which is still not 100%.


Any idea which one this is and why it's seeing it as a mid 2012 macbook pro when it's not?


Thank you

MacBook Pro
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    Copyright 2010 doesn't mean anything.  Look in system preferences as to what it is, but if the serial comes up as 2012, it's a 2012.

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    I didn't wanna turn on the computer yet, since it does have coffee spill damage. Was hoping to get the teardown first so I can properly dry it.

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    My point is, you can't go by the Copyright date.  My 2012 has a copyright of 2010 as well, so as you can see, that year stamp is meaningless like I said above.

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    On the bottom of the case near the back by the air vents is the serial # of the unit. Go to the Apple support site, Check Service & Support Coverage link and type in the serial number. It will come up with the model year and Early, Mid or Late version.

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    He said in the OP "when he looks up up the serial" which means he's probably already put the serial in the Apple site and it came back with the right model year, but for some reason the OP thought it should have the same date on the bottom, which it won't because nothing has changed design wise on these since 2010 (when the TM and copyright was written/revised last).


    Also, I'm willing to bet this machine isn't the OP's.  He probably fixing it for someone or someone gave it to him/her because it has coffee spilled on it and they thought it was dead for good and he/she is trying to revive it by taking it apart and cleaning it up... something they haven't done before since they're looking for a step-by-step guide.

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    Yes, like I said in the original post, I have looked up the serial and it says mid 2012 macbook pro, but the mid 2012 macbook pro teardown is obviously not the same one I'm working with (connections in different places, etc, etc).


    I've taken apart different macbooks but not this particular model. I can just start taking apart freestyle and probably get it all apart, but I'd feel more comfortable with a reference to look back on.


    I actually contacted a friend who works at the genius bar, who was the one who originally looked up the serial and came back with that model, but it's not the model...


    So... if you can recognize the picture I've posted in the original post and give me the model, I'd appreciate it.

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    Then either you, if you are the one that actually looked up the serial number on the apple support site, or your friend typed in the Wrong Number.


    Or it is a Mid 2012 13" Macbook Pro.


    I suggest you go to the Apple support site and type in the serial number yourself. It is on the bottom case part. It is very small so use a magnifying glass to read it and write down the number.


    If it is a Mid 2012 there may not be any disassembly videos or pictures. What you can do is take your own pictures throughout the process then Review them when reassembling it.

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    Maybe the case is that the teardown does not exist, then, because I've looked and typed the serial # 3 different times with the same results.


    Anyway, thanks for trying guys. Take care

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    The EMC # pictured looks up to a Mid 2012 13" MacBook Pro.


    the guide you list is for a 15" which is way different inside.


    Sometimes the ifixit guides are for a similar, but not identical model.

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    That is because it IS a Mid 2012 13" MBP. Like Grant said above you are looking at 15" teardown pictures.

    Try to find any recent 13" model for basic instructions.

    But I must add that if you can't figure out how to disconnect wires that are Plugged into sockets and remove the screws maybe you should hand this project over to someone that can do it properly. But then since it had liquid spilt on it, it is more then likely TOAST anyway as Mac notebooks do fair well with any liquid spilt on them.



    Good Luck & Best Wishes.

    bascotie wrote:


    Maybe the case is that the teardown does not exist, then, because I've looked and typed the serial # 3 different times with the same results.


    Anyway, thanks for trying guys. Take care

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    Think I found it:


    http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Installing+MacBook+Pro+13-Inch+Unibody+Mid+2012+Uppe r+Case+Replacement/10377/1


    thanks guys.


    I take apart plenty of laptops, and one thing I've learned is that a guide sometimes points out some very small, yet critical details.  It's peace of mind


    Thanks Grant, you were spot on.

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    If you've taken down plenty of them, you would be able to know a 13" model from a 15" model based on physical screen size alone (Apple or not).  The original link you posted blatantly states 15".  You sure you're qalified enough to be inside that thing?

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    Haha, a slip up! I went immediately to the serial # and A1287 model number and think to measure the screen. Anyway, I am less confident when it comes to macbooks than PC's i've taken apart, which feels a lot more natural since it's the majority of work I do (99% of the time without a guide )

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    When taking apart a PC laptop, think of it like taking apart a car.  When working on an Apple, it's like a space ship.


    No but really, aside from Apple sometimes having less stuff in them, they sometimes convolute the construction because they're working with such tight confines that they tend to have layer upon layer of steps for some things to come out or go back in.  Think of it that way and you'll be fine.  Better hurry up though... take any longer and that coffee will eat through everything.