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I have a old mac mini server running 10.6 os x server, i bought a new one with 10.8 os x server and i don't want to use the migration tool.

So i made all the configurations that i need to change the old server for the new one, but i realized that i need some of the information stored in the old one, like contacts and ical... I don't have a clue how to do this! Does someone had the same problem? Thanks in advance!

Mac mini, OS X Server
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    I found this article:



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    Depends, if you only have a few users it is easy to export calendars from ical on a local machine. select all and export. then when you have the new in place import them again. works a threat allso this way you have a backup in place.

    Once again this is only doable if you have a couple of users / calendars.