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Hi there all,


I may be covering old ground so please bear with me.


Since I updated my iPhone 4S the other day to iOS 6.1 my calendar is gone and my Calendar does not sync while connected to my PC. Ive tried a lot of the advice already given to no avail.


My PC is a Windows 7 based PC and my Calendar is MS Outlook.


So far, I have tried to click the share files of and then back on, clicl iCloud off, no avail. Unticked calendar in iTunes off to erase any info and then back on.... didnt work.


Havent a clue what to try next.


If anyone can help, that would be great please


Many thanks in advance


Kind regards



iPhone 4, iOS 4, PC's I am afraid
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    Just been on the Apple Support Service and I got a very helpful gentleman on the phone which seems to have solved the issue.


    What he asked me to do was to go into the Devices Preference (under Edit)  and check on the back ups I have done prior to the upgrade so I restored my phone to an older backup and it has worked a treat.


    If anyone has similar issues, get in touch and I will try an detail the steps for you in greater detail.