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I just got a new Mac mini with a quad core i7 2.6 processor, 256 GB HD. It´s fast and works perfectly. I´ve installed 16 GB of aftermarket memory. I usually power down the machine when I dont use it. My problem occurs only when I power on the Mac mini.


Right before the Apple logo appears there´s a blank screen with some black text in the upper left corner, it looks like random numbers and letters but goes away to fast for me to see any of it. Right after that I get a big square message in the middle of the screen telling me it didn´t shut down properly, or something along those lines. I´m using the thunderbolt port for a displayport cable to my screen, and I have an external USB harddrive connected.

Should I worry?

Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)