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Is MacKeeper 2012 supported and recomended by Apple?  Is it something I should install on my MacBook?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    No. MacKeeper is not an Apple product and is therfore not supported by Apple.


    Further, if you search these forums for information on MacKeeper, you will find that it is almost universally despised. All of it's capabilities are available in other better software that either comes with your Mac or is freely available.


    DON'T put MacKeeper on your computer.

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    Thanks for your advise., I am a senior citizen trying to find my way on Macbook.  Usually I can use all the help I can get,

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    You are welcome and thank you for the courtesy of awarding the "helpful" star. It is not required but it is certainly appreciated.


    There is a lot of good advice available here. Please feel free to ask more questions, starting a new thread for each one. We will give our best shot at answering. Pretty soon you will know enough that you'll start answering questions yourself. Lots of the best helpers here started out just like you.


    Best of luck.

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    No, MacKeeper is not Apple product. It is not supported by Apple. It is supported by ZeoBIT.


    Well, MacKeeper is very useful for your Mac. Over a period of time you experience slow down in the Mac performance, sometime applications tend to crash/ unresponsive. These all problems could be fixed with MacKeeper. It also frees-up disk space which is occupied by unnecessary files. Therefore I recommend it to you.


    Learn more:


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    Before you pay attention to someone who is very likely a shill for zeobit and its (at best) useless product, do a search in these forums for MacKeeper. You will find hundreds of people who have had problems ranging from inability to uninstall to questionable advertising practices.


    See this user tip by Klaus1, a well respected member of this community.


    Stay away from MacKeeper malware.

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    Dear Laundry Bleach,


    Sadly I have already been scammed by MacKeeper.  At first it ran great, however, shortly thereafter I have had issues with my external hard drives and flash drives not working.  Can you please help?


    Thank you!