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I was advised to buy a new charger last week and have just been advised by an apple employee to buy a new battery for my MacBook 2009 and i am having the same issue as my old battery.


The Mac reconognises the battery but will not charge or run off the battery.


Just spent £150 in total on new charger and battery but still having the same problem as before.


I have downloaded the firmware update but my Mac is already running the latest software.





MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Mike Sombrio Level 6 Level 6

    Have you reset the SMC and pram?


    MacBook and MacBook Pro 

    Laptops with a battery you can remove 

    Shut down the computer.

    Disconnect the MagSafe power adapter from the computer, if it's connected.

    Remove the battery.

    Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

    Release the power button.

    Reconnect the battery and MagSafe power adapter.

    Press the power button to turn on the computer.


    Newer Mac portables with a battery you don't remove

    Shut down the computer.

    Plug in the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting it to the Mac if its not already connected.

    On the built-in keyboard, press the (left side) Shift-Control-Option keys and the power button at the same time.

    Release all the keys and the power button at the same time.

    Press the power button to turn on the computer.  

    Note: The LED on the MagSafe power adapter may change states or temporarily turn off when you reset the SMC.


    Resetting NVRAM / PRAM

    Shut down your Mac.

    Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.

    Turn on the computer.

    Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys before the gray screen appears.

    Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time.

    Release the keys.