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As you can see, practically nothing is running. I bough the basw 15" RMBP 4 days ago from B&H. Do you guys think this is normal? Anyone else has this? So far, I have not seen anything else wrong aside from this.


The RMP here is ~5500 with nothing in the background. The fan runs like this for about a minute and it happens at random.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Anyone? Should I exchange for another one at the store I bought it at?

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    Last post in this thread.




    Seems to be a bad sensor on the Logic board. Manufacturering defect.

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    Got a new replacement and the same thing happend literally minutes after the first bootup. Maybe it's supposed to do that?

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    Are you signed in to iCloud? In another one of these threads, about the same thing, one person sign out of iCloud and the fans stopped doing this.

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    Hey bud, I think I may have figured out the problem. I was having this issue too. Check and see if it correlates with when you are playing music. Then pick the song that is playing it and right click it and check the bitrate. Bitrates that are up >1000kbps are going to use a ton of activity on your hard drive and in a SSD they produce heat when used which is why the fans jump up to help get rid of it. Anything else that makes the super fast SSD use a lot of activity will also generate heat so check other options as well or use activity monitor to see if your hard disk activity is indeed high when the fan speeds get higher.

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    Where do you get the "Above" 1000Kbps MP3 or Apple format audio files???


    The highest any Ripping program goes, to my knowledge, is 320Kbps. That is a far cry from your posted >1000Kbps.


    And that's Not it. It is a Defect in the system.

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    You can get the > 1000Kbps in things like .aif files or many many others, also files you download from soundcloud. These are typically files you have generated in logic pro, maybe even garageband (not sure about garageband, I use logic). I do music editing so I have plenty of files above 320. Sorry to hear your problem wasn't as simple as mine. (Since it turned out not to be a defect in the sytem or the temperature sensors). Hope it all works out.


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    Well I don't have this problem as I don't, and will never, own a Retina MBP. To many bugs for me and I have, in all honesty, bought my last Apple device. Which was my late 2011 MBP. Just to many bugs system and software wise.


    Didn't know about the +1000kbps. Thanks for the lesson.

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    When it happens I am not listening to music so this does not apply to me.