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It has been very long time, I am experiencing this issue. I followed all the suggestions from different discussions but no success. I tried Clearing the PVRAM, starting the MBP in safe mode, restarting the machine etc.


I would appreciate if some specialist from Apple can answer my queries.

Problem: I am able to hear the sound when a Headphone is plugged in sound jack of my MBP. but when I remove my headphone, the sound jack emits sharp red light and i am not able to hear any sound from my MBP.



1. If this is a genuine issue why not apple looks into it?

    I suspect this to be a hardware or an software issue.


Question to Apple Macbook Developer:

1. When does the sound jack displays the red light?

2. What is the condition?

3. Which is the small switch or button that makes it on?


I see that the solution can be easy if apple can tell us what is the condition when sound jack emits red light and how?


I would appreciate any help in this regard.


Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)