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Mohmmad Abu TAher Level 1 (0 points)

i facing problem after install mountain lion 10.8.2. my superdrive do not work properly , when i insert a disk to superdrive after 20-30 seconds left cd eject. if you have any solution about solve this problem , pls tell me. 

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Eric Root Level 8 (44,900 points)

    Try booting into the Safe Mode to see if the problem is the same.


    Safe Mode


    Safe Mode - About


    You can also try some basic maintenance.


    Basic Maintenance:

    Disk Utility


    Disk Utility Repair Permissions You Can Safely Ignore


    Reset NVRAM/PRAM


    Reset SMC


    General Maintenance Recommendations

  • feetup Level 1 (0 points)

    After recently upgrading my mid-2010 Mac Mini from Lion to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 my superdrive stopped working. I did a clean install of Lion to a blank SSD. Then I upgraded to Mountain Lion from the App Store. Then I tried reading a Windows 7 installation DVD. Any DVD I insert in the internal superdrive is not recognized by the system and is ejected after a few seconds.


    I tried cleaning the superdrive with a DVD lens cleaner. This did not fix the problem.


    I tried a SMC reset. This did not fix the problem.


    I tried an NVRAM/PRAM reset. This did not fix the problem.


    I read on a related thread...




    ...that many Mountain Lion users have experienced the same issue.


    I opened the Console to look for new messages appearing after inserting a DVD-ROM into the superdrive. No messages appeared while the superdrive whirred a few times and then ejected the DVD-ROM.


    Apple have been made aware of the issue but no patch has been issued. Mountain Lion 10.8.2 is the current version with no updates available at the time of writing.


    Some users with dual-boot systems have booted into Windows and their superdrive works fine. This points to a software issue with Mountain Lion. The problem appears to affect some systems and not others.


    Other users have reported that their superdrive works again after downgrading to Lion or Snow Leopard.


    I'm going to try booting ML into Safe Mode to see if the superdrive works. I'll then try downgrading to Lion or Snow Leopard to see if the superdrive works ok. That at least will confirm that it is a Mountain Lion upgrade related issue and not a superdrive hardware failure.


    Then we will have to wait for a patch from Apple to resolve the issue so we can upgrade to ML without losing use of the optical drive!

  • Ray Gibson Level 1 (15 points)

    So, any results to post yet? I also have the same drive issue after upgrading to mountain lion recently. I have noticed that many people who have flagged this problem have said they have bootcamp partition enabled or parallels virtual machine, so i'm wondering if there's a connection.  I am running both on a Mac Pro and now I can't get DVDs to play, including films and software. In my case, the drive doesn't work when in the windows partition or when using parallels 8.

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    Yes I agree Feetup as I too have tried everything and even have a 3yr warrenty and that didnt help.  Apple told me my drive was broken and I should get it replaced as they were not aware of any similar issues.  Don't they ready their own discussion board!


    They talked me through SMC PRAM safe boot, different profile, repair permissions etc.  I kept telling them that the problem was replicated on both my mac mini and imac as soon as I updated. Running an external drive is fine and booting into Windows is too so it cant be the drive.  I think they have updated the drive with buggy firmware or something. My sons imac was fine as I didnt update it and will certainly not risk it now.


    Apple sort this out as I will have to go back to Windows.