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I'm using macbook pro osx 10.8.2. all software updated. flash player uninstalled and re installed (50 times). I have another macbook air and iphone here using the same wifi where youtube works just fine. same exact problem with ethernet too.

To be clear, all websites are working fine Except youtube and 'youtube' videos on other sites (facebook) won't play. vimeo opens and plays just fine. Here's the rub, the network internet settings on both macbooks are identical.

I've tried extensions and 32bit and even running a tracerout. . . . it just keeps going.

Any help would be appreciated.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • SwankPeRFection Level 4 (1,435 points)

    Can you get to and just not play videos?  Or are you not even able to get to the site.  That's two different issues, the first one just being a problem with Flash not being installed properly.


    Step 1.


    Right-click/Quit on all programs, especially browsers in your Dock and then reinstall Flash from the latest download of the dmg you can get from  Make sure you have this downloaded before you Quit out of all your programs/browsers or you'll have to do it all over again.  All browsers must be closed in order for the Flash plug-in to install and activate properly.

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    1 .  Enable Plug-ins


        Safari > Preferences > Security


        Web Content:

        Click in the box for "Enable Plug-ins".



    2 . Check  whether you are currently  in  YouTube HTML 5 trial.



        At the bottom  left of the page  uncheck the box for


       "You are currently in the HTML5 trial".

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    I cannot even open or any version of youtube. i wasn't using extensions when the problem started. then i tried them, then i deleted them.

    i installed flash properly and it is working with all other applications.

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    thanks for your suggestions. plug-ins are enabled. i reset safari, emptied cache  and deleted cookies. the settings for safari, google chrome, firefox and internet and network are identical with both mac's. youtube not even opening on mine in any browser and there are no parental blocks.

    also there are no proxies being used. P.S i tried using many different proxies too.

    . . .any other guesses??

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    Is this on your home network or a corporate one?  If it's a corporate network or one that you do not control, it's possible that YouTube might just be a blocked site.  Not all places block sites and actually generate a block page redirect that tells you it was block due to IT restrictions.

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    Thanks. I'm aware of that, but either way i have 3 devices using the same internet connection in the same room, with the same configurations, and only my mac doesn't open the youtube website or play the videos on other sites.

    still no idea

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    New info.

    Still not able to open youtube and now i find google translate won't open either. This might have happened at the same time because i hadn't used the site since i noticed youtube started not opening.

    There has to be someone that can figure this out . . . . thanks in advance.

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    Open up Safari and go to Preferences/Extensions.  Make sure you don't have any weird ones in there.  While you're at it, maybe just disable them all as a test and see if the problem persists.  If you use another browser, do the same in it.

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    Thanks, but i tried this before I even posted here. Still no luck.

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    Still having this problem. . . . .

    Flash updated and working properly - tested

    No extensions - tested - deleted - off

    Plug-ins, java, javascript - enabled

    Safari - updated - deleted all data - and reset

    Google chrome - updated

    Firefox - updated


    Videos playing on other websites (streaming, vimeo, news, all)

    Pandora working fine


    Youtube - won't open ( message: . . .  server where the page is located isn't responding)

    Youtube videos on Facebook - won't open

    Facebook - all other videos (except youtube) - play just fine

    Google translate - won't open ( message: . . . server where the page is located isn't responding)

    Google doc's (attachments in email) - won't open


    Same problems occur with other users on my Mac Guest1 . . . Guest2 


    No problems with other Mac's or PC's or iphones using the same network (2 seperate homes and 1 work and public networks tested)

    other Mac's have the exactly same settings in "System Preferences" - all boxes checked the same


    Somebody must have other suggestions?!?!?!? Please

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    Which DNS's are you using? That could be a problem... try using the OpenDNS servers...



    I don't know that it will solve the problem, but it's worth a try...



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    Thank you for a different solution. Alas it doesn't solve the problem. I tried using different proxies as well with no luck.

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    Try this...


    Back up your personal data as a safety measure.


    Go to to Library->Preferences->SystemConfiguration

    Rename NetworkInterfaces.plist to NetworkInterfaces.plist.bak

    Rename preferences.plist to preferences.plist.bak

    Reboot the laptop.


    To get to Library hit Go/Go to Folder and type in /Library in Finder.

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    Try using google chrome.  It IS made for google.

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