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Since December 2012, my MacBook Pro (late 2008) refuses start up. After trying many, many things (from online forums - nothing worked), the solution I found by hit and miss is to heat up the back of the laptop in front of my fireplace (or with a hair dryer), to remove the battery, to wait a few seconds and then to put it back in; after doing this, it turns on without a fuss and remains in perfect running condition until I turn it off again. I now leave it on 24/7 when at home, and I don't dare taking it away with me again... Seems to me a contact got loose and the heat expands it just enough to make it work again. Manufacturing problem?


Has anybody else got the same or a similar problem? I hope to fix this without going to an Apple store if possible, as it's not under warranty any more...


By the way, I have since replaced the battery and the hard disk, but that particular problem remains; I'm running OS X 10.8.2.