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I've searched through the different support groups, but wasn't able to find this question.  Apologies if I missed it.  I've just recently upgraded to Mountain Lion because of some cloud issues.  One of the things I used to do with Quicktime was record lectures and then to save space, save it as 3pg files as an option.  This could take a file from 50 Mb down to 25Mb or more in size.   The one reason was I was able to put it on my iPod.  I now notice I can't do this through Quicktime, I either export to itunes or when I quit Quicktime after recording it will only give me a choice to save as audio file, that is again only providing the larger size file.  How do I save my audio only recordings to 3pg?  Please don't tell me they're not providing us that option anymore.  Thanks

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), QuickTime Player Ver 10.2 (603.6)