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New iPad  4.  Successfully synced gmail & Google calendar.  Cannot sync Google contacts to iPad.  Please lead me through it.

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    Did as you suggested.  Didn't work.


    "Advanced Settings" -- where will I find this on iPad?  I can't find it in Settings.  Or is this in Google Settings?  Can find it there, either.

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    Where did you read to use "Advanced Settings"?  The linked article says:


    1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add CardDav Account.
    2. Enter the following information in the fields:
      • Server: google.com
      • User Name: Enter your full Google email address
      • Password: Your Google account password
    3. Select Next at the top of the screen to complete the setup.
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    Since the above instructions were ineffective, I went to the bottom of the instructions where I read:


    "After you have completed the setup, open the Contacts app on your device. Syncing should begin automatically.

    Additional Information

    Note: Make sure that SSL is enabled (under Advanced settings), and that the port is 443."