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I had HD video with the .mpg format so I converted to .mov and it's not importing it to final cut. Does anyone know what can I do in order to open it in fc?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Need more specifics


    Mov is a wrapper that supports a wide range of codecs. Some of these codecs such as the ProRes family are natively supported by FCP. Others like H264 are not.



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    and although h264 is NOT supported, in most cases you can bring it in to fcp (and deal with the unfortunate consequences down the road). 


    To see what the codec, etc are for the .mov file, open it with quicktime player and hit command-i to see the movie properties.

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    ok so this is what I got from the properties


    format:libx264, 1,920 x 1,080

    AAC, 44100 Hz, Stereo (L R)

    fps: 25

    data size: 985.4 MB

    data rate: 12.15 Mbit/s

    current size: 798 × 449


    Thanks a bunch for y'all help!!!

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    Try bringing this file into compressor and using the apple:  formats:  quicktime:  prores422 prest.  Be sure and customize the preset to enable audio conversion to 48k 16bit in the encoder panel.


    If that won't work, try converting using mpegstreamclip.

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